Top 5 Graphic Design Trends for Print-on-Demand 2021

🎨 Get creative with Printful today ➡️ For an entrepreneur, it’s always important to be one step ahead of the newest design trends. To help you out, here’s a video on the five most popular upcoming digital graphic design…

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends for Print-on-Demand 2021



🎨 Get creative with Printful today ➡️

For an entrepreneur, it’s always important to be one step ahead of the newest design trends.

To help you out, here’s a video on the five most popular upcoming digital graphic design trends in 2021 and how to use them in print-on-demand.

Watch the video, and you’ll learn more about:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:21 – Chaotic typography
00:01:06 – Designs with golden elements
00:01:39 – Stylized 3d illustrations
00:02:30 – Tie-dye effect
00:03:20 – Illustrations made of geometric shapes

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About this video:

While traditional typography is an art that arranges text in a clear and readable way, chaotic typography disrupts the alignment and order of letters and words. When you create this type of design for a product, it’s best to know the available print area, so that you can use the entire space to get your message across. The target is to make the text visually striking and preserve its readability.
If you’re looking to add more dynamic to your text-based designs this is a trend you’ll want to try out. It is perfectly suited for DTG printing on pretty much any product in our catalog.

For the last few years, it’s become popular to include metal textures in graphic elements to bring attention to the areas of the composition. Most of all we’ve noticed digital simulations of gold-colored elements. For this example, our Graphic Design Services team created a leggings print file that replicates gold foil textures and includes 3d text with simple shapes on the side.
Thanks to the quality fabric we use, your designs will print with rich colors, and you’ll be able to market your creations as premium products.

With 3D design software becoming more accessible both on mobile and desktop platforms, it’s no surprise that simple clean 3D illustrations have become a trendy direction in digital graphic design.

Did you know that you can also achieve a similar look by customizing your 2D artwork?

To better illustrate this, take a look at our example which we printed on a camper mug.
With the help of shading, we’re able to bring out the lower part of the image. This way the water looks like it’s protruding from the flat space. And if you look at the three main characters, you’ll notice they have this glossy effect, which was made with added highlights.

Next up we have a reincarnation of the glorious anti-fashion trend of the 60ies – the Tie-dye effect. As the global population retreated into the comfort of their homes during the pandemic, DIY tie-dying was a neat form of stress relief.

What’s excellent about tie-dye designs is that they’re as easy to create digitally as in real life.
You don’t even have to get your hands dirty or stain your sink!

If you want to save some time, you can always use the Tie-Dye print file from our sample images and place it on any of our all-over print products. Add additional text, clipart graphics, or even upload your designs on top. Just like that, you can start selling custom apparel with tie-dye designs in a matter of minutes.

For our last entry, we have illustrations made with Geometric Shapes. They’re fun, bold, colorful, simple to make, and especially great for embroidery. The use of simple shapes makes this trend more distinguishable on embroidered products. When you work on a design of this type it’s important to define a color palette and stick to it. Bright and high-contrast colors are the best choice for this trend.
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