1992 Nissan Homy Shop Van

When we choose a shop van, Japanese Classics has several requirements. We always look for something high on style that we can also easily source parts for. It must be reliable, easy to work on and have plenty of cargo…

1992 Nissan Homy Shop Van



When we choose a shop van, Japanese Classics has several requirements. We always look for something high on style that we can also easily source parts for. It must be reliable, easy to work on and have plenty of cargo space/seating options. One of our favorite shop vans in recent memory is about to get replaced with something new and exciting, and as such, we are happy to offer this one up for sale. The Nissan Homy Royal fits the bill, and we have loved having this one for the past few years. Finished in a Charcoal two-tone (2K1), with some neat aero bits and Japanese Classics livery, this 1992 has been well maintained throughout its life, and ready to be put to work. The aftermarket areo gives a decidedly sportier appeal, and this hauler attracts tons of attention everywhere it goes. Other than some dings, scuffs, and scratches associated with normal use the body is in good shape. Additionally, a plethora of interior amenities make this ride an even better value, providing comfortable transport of up to seven people.

The big, boxy van makes incredible use of the interior floor plan. The driver has all the amenities they need and can pilot this cab-over van easily with a strong command of the road. Visibility is above average, and loads of side glass make parking and changing lanes easy. For comfort an adjustable column is standard, and a power driver’s seat makes seating a snap and was rather uncommon for vehicles in this segment at the time. An upscale Momo leather and wood smaller diameter steering wheel replaces the bulky factory one. Upgraded wood faux trim has been installed on the dash and shifter trim to bring a more classy aesthetic to the interior. The driver also has the ability to utilize power locks to allow entry to the rear row and cargo area and power front windows for extra ventilation. Unlike many With the windows down, the OEM rainguards do a fine job of buffeting sound within the cabin. For even more airflow, this Homy is equipped with dual sunroofs. The front unit can be manually tilted up, and the rear panoramic roof can be fully retracted. If the exterior temps are too high, factory A/C keeps occupants from overheating and the heat works during these cold winter months. Behind the front row stand two captains chairs in the same tan cloth as the front. The material is soft and clean, except for some minor wear on the driver’s bucket. The rear row can accommodate three more bodies and can be removed for more voluminous cargo capacity. While we are on the subject, the massive tailgate clears 6′ tall and benefits the owners with a massive cavity to swallow suitcases, dog crates, and drift spares depending on the task at hand. Other interior blemishes of note include a missing plastic rear door handle and a bit of carpet staining by the driver’s seat. The middle row can swivel 180* for lounge seating and can recline fully if you’d like to catch some sleep. Dual climate zones aid cabin comfort further and include ceiling-mounted digital displays. The OEM sunroof/climate control remote and OEM owners manuals are included in the purchase as well.

The drivetrain powering this people mover is simple, reliable, and easy to work on. Mounted mid-ship, powering the rear wheels, Nissan’s tried and true VG30E. This single overhead cam mill was produced in great numbers and is therefore easy to source parts for. With the turn of a key the three-liter mill fires to life and sets into a constant idle. When slotted into gear, the automatic transmission makes good use of the powerband, and this van has no issues getting above legal interstate speeds. Shifts are smooth and the long-wheelbase makes freeway stability better than most of our JDM imports. Our trained technicians have installed a new intake manifold gaskets, and given her a fresh oil and filter service to ensure the next road trip is a smooth one. The factory adjustable suspension does a fantastic job of insulating from large and small road imperfections and is one of the reasons why we chose this as a shop van, to begin with. The brakes feel strong and grip is handled by brand new all-season rubber, mounted on six-spoke concave alloys. The steering is light yet direct and makes for simple parking maneuvers.

This slightly eccentric van ticks all the right boxes. The JDM styling, durable engine, and featured filled interior make this a cant-miss Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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